We have developed a one of a kind new line with our best selected extra virgin olive oils: SELECCION, with three of the most appreciated varieties: Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina.


Our Premium line is a Monovarietal Extra Virgen Olive Oil. It means that only one type of olive is used to produce our Selección ARBVS. The very best olives harvested on the first three days of the seaon are used to produce this exclusive oil. These oils are often desired for the enjoyment of the most “pure" characteristics and flavours of an individual olive type.

- Picual, with a red label and an Intense Flavour. The Picual is one of the main olives types grown in Spain and Picual trees are estimated to account for 25% of all olive oil production in the world. Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Picual olives have high levels of plyphenols (an organic compound whic is known to have antioxidant effects.


- Hojiblanca, (litererally translated "white leaf") with a green label and a Medium Flavour, is an olive cultivar from Spain. It represents 16% of olive production in Andalusia. Collected late in the season (February - March).

- Arbequina, with a yellow label and a Smooth Flavour, is a cultivar of olives very fruity, highly aromatic, small, with a rounded apex and a broad peduncular cavity. It is grown in Spain, Argentina, Chile and Australia and it has recently become one of the dominant olive cultivars in the world.