For generations, our family has had more than 1000 Hectares of vineyards, wheat fields and olive trees, producing our own wine, wheat flour and olive oil. And we, following this ancient tradition, operate across the Mediterranean area searching for the best olive varieties and the excellence in Olive Oil.

During the selection process, strict analysis and tasting panels must be passed. Once the varieties and Olive Oils have been selected, their flavours are blended together to achieve our superior taste and aroma.

The blending process is the most critical stage, in order to keep the original fruity, sweet, bitter and peppery flavours into a delicious and balanced Olive Oil.


Care procedures at storage and preparation of deliveries, a constant internal control of the flow charts and a deep commercial and logistical relationship with our clients, is our must.

We are open to customers requirements and needs. We are familiar with quality requirements demanded in every country.